Pureology Favorites with Sharon Daniel Salon Professional Stylists Emily & Audrey!

Beach Wave Tutorial ! Performed By Sharon Daniel Salon Stylist Jamie Here is a quick video of how I curl my hair into effortless beach waves. The products used are all from @Pureology I start by sectioning my hair right above the occipital bone (nape) taking vertical sections, making sure the iron is vertical the entire time.
I struggle with having thick hair- I don't always want a heavy bang getting in my face all day. * This is a super fun and easy trick to maintaining a cute hairstyle without the hassle of constantly pushing bangs out of the way.


Sharon Daniel Salon's Professional Stylist's Daylie & Audrey were inspired by Salon Centric's Gratitude ABC's video's and decided to do one of their own! Hope you enjoy what they have to say! Salon Centric is Sharon Daniel Salon's main distributor and we are truly grateful for them! What are you grateful for?

"So happy to make her dream hair a reality!"- Professional Stylist Daylie What is your vivid hair color dream look?

BLOWOUT & BEACH WAVES PERFORMED BY PROFESSIONAL STYLIST DAYLIE Started off shampooing & conditioning in the shower with @pureology Strength Cure , wrapped my hair in a towel, & did my makeup while my hair dried a little! Went in with my @pureology Best Blondes miracle leave in treatment for also a heat protectant.
HAIR WE SHARE The joys of donation !! "Nothing feels better than letting my guest share the blessing of donating her hair !" - Sharon Daniel Salon Professional Stylist Jamie Sharon Daniel Salon is a proud supporter of Hair We Share.
Color Correction Performed By Professional Stylist Natalie From a faded vivid color to a brilliant healthy blonde! Using @pulpriothair blank canvas to strip out her faded color and then a foil and gloss using @redken Shades EQ!